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Why Hastings?

We’re a third-generation family company, and we know what it takes to get the right person in the right seat. We’re committed to evolving, and combine decades of know-how with constant learning for a perfect blend of smarts, technology, and good old fashioned human connection to make the stressful process of hiring as simple and fun as possible.

The Hastings difference

We know that when we place a candidate in the right position, we’re not just improving the life of that candidate. We’re making an impact that will be felt in ripples through the candidate, their manager, their colleagues, and the families of everyone involved. When the right person is in the right job, the managers get to work on the business while workers work in the business. Employees are happier because they’re working with the right colleagues. The whole organization, and lives outside of work, are better. We make that happen and we do so with pride (but not with ego).

We offer direct placement, temporary staffing, temp-to-placement, and retained specialized search services across an array of industries. What makes us different? Smarts and hearts, as we like to say. Our process is personal, intimate, and bespoke. We custom fit our efforts each and every time. We’re a family business and it shows. We mine to engender the deepest possible understanding of your needs, and then we meet those needs with unparalleled verve, charm, intelligence, and experience.

Our services

Hastings has a deep understanding of today’s staffing industry. We’ve been staffing since your dad was learning how to shave, and we never stop evolving. You’re the expert in your industry. We’re the experts in keeping your organization on the cutting edge by placing the best staff.

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Direct Placement

It’s a haystack out there, and the right candidate is a needle. We get it. The good news is, needle-finding is our bailiwick.

Temporary Staffing

We do things differently than our competitors. Frankly, we do it better. We will never send you a temporary employee without putting them through the same face-to-face screening process that we use for direct placement candidates.


As mentioned, we use the same process to screen temps as we do to fill long term roles. This is unheard of in the industry, but we’re committed to right-person/right-seat even if that means more work on our end.

Retained Specialized Search

If you find yourself in a position where you urgently need to hire, or the person you’re looking for must have a unique, hard-to-find skill set, this is the program for you.

Our specialities

We focus on office-level and corporate staffing across an array of industries. Our focus is on people. The right people for you, the right job for them. Below are some of the industries and roles we’ve catered to over the years.
  • Secretarial & Administrative Support, including Top-Level Executive Support

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Corporate Management,
    including C-Level Executives

  • Legal Staff,
    including Attorneys

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Human Resources &
    Operations Personnel

  • Customer Service

  • Clerical Specialists

  • IT Staff

Current Positions

There are currently no vacancies.

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