Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! All fees are paid for by our client companies. We just have a few simple requirements that are very easy to understand and follow.

We work with all types of Office Positions from the Mail Room to the Board Room. Anything from a Front Desk Receptionist all the way to a Corporate Executive. We work with Small Businesses and Large Corporations; the business world is our wheelhouse.

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No, the majority of the positions we handle are Corporate.

All we need is your most recently updated resume, which you can submit here.

Your resume should include specific details including:

  • Names and locations of the Companies in which you worked
  • Dates of Employment (month and year)
  • Your Job Title and Job Duties
  • Education
  • Skills (i.e. computer software, and languages)

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Unfortunately, though other languages are an asset, all of our positions require a minimum of intermediate to advanced conversational English.

Yes. You must have the legal right to work in the United States in order for us to help you find a job.

No, we do not have attorneys on staff.
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Due to the large number of applicants we work with and our procedures, which have been perfected over the course of 50 years, we cannot begin looking for positions for you before we’ve met you.
Also, Companies are unlikely to commit to you before you have committed to the area unless they have specifically agreed to relocating someone from out of town. It does happen, but in our experience, it is unlikely.

We have placed positions all over Florida and some in other states. However, a vast majority of the positions we work on are in Miami-Dade County and some in Broward County.

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