Frequently Asked Questions

Just as you would use an attorney, an accountant, or a doctor for their expert advice, working with a qualified Placement & Staffing Service gives you the best chance of a successful hire.

In our long history, we have interviewed thousands and thousands of applicants and have worked with a multitude of companies like yours. We know what to look for (and how to find it) to save you time, money, and the headache of looking for and identifying the best match for your organization.

We do the work! We source, screen, and present only the candidates we believe would not only fit well with you, but also who would be happy working on your team. We’d rather present no one than waste your time with a candidate who isn’t right for you.

You have done such an excellent job working in your business that you need help! Why take time away from doing what you do best to spend hours posting the job online, screening hundreds of resumes, interviewing multiple candidates, waiting for negotiations and offers to be denied, only to have the new hire not work out? We do ALL of that for you and allow you to continue doing what brought you to this point in the first place! The BEST part about using Hastings & Hastings is that if the person you hire doesn’t work out, you have a replacement guarantee.


After over 40 years in South Florida, we have developed relationships with many superb candidates who contact us whenever they a need job. These highly qualified candidates count on us for placement and many never look elsewhere, making them exclusive to Hastings & Hastings.

All our Candidates are thoroughly screened. Our intensive process means that even our Temporaries are qualified by “permanent” employee standards.

Absolutely! In a tight job market, the best candidates have many choices. If we feel the job is right for the candidate you choose, it’s our job to make sure that candidate understands the benefits of working for your organization. With that in mind, we also advise you on what your company needs to do to attract and retain the employees you want.

This is where our years of experience really shows! We have been a fixture in the Miami job market for almost 5 decades. We have kept the doors open so long because we know exactly what candidates AND employers need most!

  • Many prime candidates contact us whenever they need a job and are exclusive to Hastings.
  • Due to our reputation for working with the finest companies in South Florida, many of our candidates come recommended to us by clients, candidates, and friends.
  • We have a database of pre-qualified candidates who are looking for the right opportunity.
  • We advertise, network, and recruit, using our years of experience to target and find top candidates.

Our Temporary-to-Placement Program is in place so you can hire the Temporary you have working for you. The Acquisition Fee is slightly lower than the Direct Hire fee because we’ve chosen the person for you, so there is no extensive interview process and there is no guarantee.

Also, while Temporary-to-Placement is always an option, it’s important to understand that the pool of available Temporaries who are well-qualified, unemployed, and willing to work on a long-term Temporary basis is limited, especially when the job market is good. If you want to interview, a guarantee is important to you, and you don’t want to miss out on prime candidates, it’s best to keep the Direct Hire option open. Keep in mind that there is no obligation, and no fee is charged until you hire our candidate.

Our rates are comparable to other Staffing Services, but our uniquely specialized service is not!

There is NO CHARGE to you unless you hire our Candidate or have our Temporary work for you.


  • Temporary bill rates are based on pay rates and position. You will be invoiced weekly.
  • You only pay for the hours the Temporary works for you. (There is a four-hour minimum.)
  • The bill rate includes all costs (other than parking) for the employee including: Salary, FICA, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and Bond Insurance.
  • We offer a four-hour guarantee. If the Temporary we send isn’t working out and you need a replacement, your first four hours are free.


  • A Hastings Temporary may be hired after completing 560 hours of Temporary Employment with you. There is an acquisition fee of 5% of the total annual compensation offered at the end of the Temporary Service period.
  • You can hire before 560 hours by paying prorated acquisition fee that is based on number of hours worked and the annual salary.


  • The Direct Hire fee is based on a percentage of the annual salary of the candidate you hire.
  • There is a one-time fee which is due when the candidate begins work.
  • We offer a 100% replacement guarantee.

Please contact us for details.


We can simplify your Human Resources process and become the “Employer of Record” for your employee(s) on a short-term or long-term basis. By simply paying one hourly fee, we will take care of all your HR needs.

There will be no more worrying about Workers’ Comp, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, warranty bond, etc. In addition, using our Payroll Service removes your obligation to provide health insurance, yet we do have several reasonably priced Health Insurance plans available. The hourly rate for Payroll Services is lower than our usual Temporary Rate, and you may hire your workers directly at any time with no additional cost.

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