How we work

Since before you (and most of us at Hastings) were born, Hastings’s purpose has been connecting people to make lives better. We serve businesses, and our brand promise extends to you, the applicant. Our first promise is: we respond to each and every applicant, no matter what. Read on to learn more.
We really get how stressful, scary, strange the job hunt can be.

The marketplace is confusing, hiring managers are overwhelmed, and “is my resume even getting to them??” Our tagline is: we put the heart into hiring, and we mean that. We want to take the worry out of the job hunt to whatever degree possible, and above all else, we want to get you into the best role for you.

We’ve placed dozens of people at their last job. We can do the same for you, if that’s what you’re after.

Become part of our exclusive talent pool.

What does that mean? Well, we don’t operate in the same way as our competitors. Our standards are specific. This means that while we wish everyone the very best, we don’t work with everyone.

Our mission is: right person > right seat. If we don’t think you’ll connect well with our clients, we’ll be honest about that.

However, if you make it through our somewhat rigorous screening process, we’ll be on your side, acting as your representative until you and your new dream boss are work-BFFs.

At Hastings, we’re cool people who do cool things, in and out of the office. Our clients share this, and we like our applicants to share it, too! You might notice a few non-traditional questions on the form on the next page. That’s because we want to get to know you in a real way.

We won’t just find you the first good job. We’ll find you the right job, just like a good matchmaker. Except in a professional sense.